About this site...

First of all... Make sure that your browsers font size is set to normal (100%). Otherwise the texts can be quite hard to read.

What is this all about? Well, this is IJM Wings level archive. Wings is, or at least was, quite popular "cave-shoot'em up", and we made and still do levels for it. Originally we distributed our levels in a BBS called MBnet (we rocked the dl-ratings of addon-level -section every time a new pack was released, lol). Now that it has lost it's popularity been literally dead for well over a decade we have made our levels available via the Internet. And just before the 21st century had we made a site of our own. The original IJM Wings Level Archive site went live somewhere around 2000, if not earlier, and this current site we see was published in 2001.

And now something technical ;) Originally I designed the site only for IE, but I have given up that crappy philosophy now. :) Now this site looks like it should with most browsers. Note from 2014 - The graphics on this site don't quite look as they are intented on most modern browsers. All images are displayed in 2x size. Back then browsers would simply scale the pictures with nearest neighbor -method, and show sharp pixellated images. Now they usually appear blurry as they are upscaled and filtered by the browser. Also the font used should render as blocky pixel text. May or may not work anymore, and only on Windows platform.

Site graphics, design and texts by ILE, those little funny pictures of yellow men and other additional graphics by JR. And yes, all the site graphics are handpixelled, just like great part of our levels.