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news 29.7.2004

Oh man, I really delayed this one.. But anyway, here's the level compo results along with all the levels and juges' comments.

news 25.3.2004

The level compo is finally finished. It took a lot longer than it was supposed to, but... Well, won't make up excuses. The results and the levels will be here soon.

news 15.1.2004

The deadline for the level compo is 1st of February (1.2.2004).

news 12.1.2004

Whee, we got Miika Virpioja to the jury!

news 5.1.2004

New jury and prize announcements. Unlike mentioned before, you still can participate in the level compo! Just send me the levels before deadline. Go to the compo page for more info.

news 23.12.2003

The level compo will be held! There's enough entries for the compo, but more is better, so sign in! Check the prize system. Merry chirstmas to Wings-folks *<;)

news 8.12.2003

Levelinteko-ohjeet nyt myös suomeksi! (How to make levels now also in Finnish)

news 4.12.2003

Moved back to old server. The adress is again, but works as always. Sunpoint did suck. And thanks to for advertising -> links updated :)

news 25.11.2003

More accurate rules rof the level compo added.

news 24.11.2003

Some small updates. After moving to new server, some links were broken. Now everything should work again.

news 6.11.2003

IJM Archive moved to new server. The new URL is now

news 9.9.2003

Wings level competition announced! Take part into level making competition and win prizes! Read more at compo page!

news 8.8.2003

This is nice - almost a year has passed since last update! I really suck! At least I have something new to upload - instructions on how to make levels for Wings! I promised this a long, long time ago and here it is at the stuff -section. And there's more! I just visited official Wings page, and holy shaite! Miika is working on Wings 2! Whoa! Something to look for :)

news 26.8.2002

Update for a long time, and most important of all, an update with new levels! A bunch of various levels by JR, grab the from "new levels" -section! And boy was I glad when I realized that there's still people who play Wings! I was amazed when reading the guestbook at Wings official home page. So it's not it's not meaningless for us to make these new levels, right? ;)

news 28.5.2002

Agh! Sorry for the looong delay - there's just too much things going on right now. And the near future doesen't seem any better either... Unfortunetely nothing new this time, just wanted to get rid of those merry christmas wishes! But... There's still many nice things just waiting to be done. So keep on waiting if you wan't to see something new again. :/

news 10.12.2001

Hype-release 3 released, two new links added & LP4 released! Merry christmas :) Sorry for the long delay of updates, but I simply don't have time for everything.

news 24.10.2001

Hype-release 2 out now! New stuff will appear soon also.. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . ... . . . .

news 15.10.2001

Three new levels waiting for you to download them! Check out the New levels section before I chance my mind and take the levels out from there and release those in some levelpack years later...

news 21.9.2001

While waiting the complete levelpack 4 check out the hype and download the preview of JR's ongoing project! Also new piccie added to JR's gallery.

news 7.8.2001

LP 4 pre-release out now. Totally new levels will be added soon! JR has a lot of finished or almost finished levels which are still in the darkness mainly because of my laziness...

news 23.7.2001

Cool piccies by JR. You find them among the stuff. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . ... . . . .

news 19.6.2001

HTML code updated so that the borders looks like they should with most browsers.

Pages are still a bit under construction! Updates will be made and new stuff will be added.

news 10.6.2001

New mirror:
Pages are still a bit under construction but now here's something to explore! Updates and new stuff will be added.